We offer the Integrated online management system and mobile App consisting of drafting of professional contracts of employment, UIF registration, assessment of arrears UIF, electronic timesheet, monthly payslips, leave administration and the mobile App. Our subscribers also qualify for labour law advice services, assistance with disciplinary matters and retrenchments and the ultimate representation at CCMA cases including Conciliation and Arbitration processes. (Terms and conditions apply)

Labour Law Services

All the subscribers to the Edomestix system are registered with the (South African United Employers’ Organisation (SAUEO) and with more than 150 organisers country wide our subscribers have access to professional labour law experts to assist with any labour matter such as;

- Day-to-day questions will be directed to our national call centre
- Cases are directed to the local consultants who will assist with;
- Disciplinary matters
- Conciliations set down by the CCMA
- Con/Arb matters set down by the CCMA
- Arbitrations set down by the CCMA

(Please note the Terms and Conditions that apply)


HR & Payroll

Our unique integrated online system consisting of web based technology and a Mobile App integrates all Human Resources processes such as facility to log leave, log absentees, produce monthly payslips, monthly invoices as well as administration of all leave types. The platform also provides a private memo facility and a Document Management System (DMS) to store all relevant documentation for DoL inspections and disciplinary and CCMA cases. Read more about our unique online platform below.


Legal Compliance

eDomestix services and technology ensure that you are compliant with all legal requirements such as Unemployment Insurance (UIF), professional contracts of employment, timesheets, monthly payslips, leave administration and fair labour practices. Read more about our Mobile App below.