Privacy & Security Policy

We know that your privacy is very important you, and we can assure you that it’s very important to us too. That’s why we’ve put a Privacy and Security Policy in place. Please read it below.

How secure are my details?

Edomestix (Pty)  “eDomestix” guarantees that your privacy is protected throughout your visit to our website. We have gone to great lengths to ensure your card information is secure and stays that way. Any card information you enter on our site is encrypted and protected with the best encryption software available – Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This software scrambles information transmitted across the Internet, including your credit card number, name and address. In addition, your payment details are stored in an encrypted format on the MyGate server – a registered, secure Payment Service Provider (PSP). None of it is saved on our site or server.

Remember: When entering your personal information, ensure that you always transact from a secure computer and never from an internet café.

When you enter the secure areas of the eDomestix website or Mobile App, you’ll see a locked padlock symbol on your browser. This padlock indicates that the screen is in secure mode and that any details you provide on that page will be encrypted for your security.

What do I need when I order?

This will depend on your choice of payment method. Simply follow the instructions provided on screen as part of the payment process.

How do we use your personal information?

Your personal details are used to verify who you are and it enables us to register you on our Integrated Online Management System. It also helps us to communicate with you in regard to your administration of your domestic helper and so that we can always offer you a fantastic online experience.

We may ask you for personal information when you make any enquiries regarding the administration of your domestic helper using the eDomestix Online Integrated Management System, the eDomestix website and/or eDomestix Mobile App.

If you contact us for any reason, we may keep a record of that communication.

Should you participate in any online surveys, we may keep a record of the information provided.

Your personal information will be used to register you with UIF, the underwriters for legal insurance as well as the selected Employers Organisation.

Your personal information may be used by us for statistical analyses and marketing.

Please note: eDomestix may disclose personal information in response to a specific request by a law enforcement agency, subpoena, court order, or as required by law.

Is my personal information kept confidential?

Yes, your information is kept strictly confidential and is never disclosed to third parties. Moreover, we will only contact you with news of eDomestix or promotions if you’ve indicated you would like to receive it. You are entitled, at any stage, to opt out of this service.
By using our site, you agree to the terms above.

Further questions?

If you have any questions concerning our Privacy and Security Policy, please contact us on 010 110 8660.