Contract Cleaning & Facilities Management

Maid4U Domestic Services, a BEE Level 2 Service Provider, provides professional Facility Management Services and specialises in contract cleaning and once-off home and office cleaning services.

The focus on cleaning services and facility management is a spontaneous growth initiative from our core business as sourcing and placement professionals of domestic workers.

Contract Cleaning Services

Maid4U will assist you with the small and big assignments since we understand that the needs of clients differ.

We attend to:

> Cleaning your flat or house
> Ironing
> Cleaning carpets
> Cleaning windows
> Spring clean units for estate agents
> Cleaning up after building or renovations
> Cleaning your office
> Cleaning up after events
> Stand in for a domestic helper who is absent

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Whether it is your private residence or your office gardens, let us create and maintain your beauty and professionalism from your garden to the front door.

Obtain a quote on any or all of the following services:

> Lawn mowing and edge trimming
> Garden cleaning
> Cleaning of flower beds
> Weed removal
> Weed removal and paving and walkways treatment
> Loosening soil
> Caring for potted plants

Depending on your requirements we can provide any specialised gardening services such as:

> Composting of beds
> Fertilising
> Rehabilitation of grass
> Seasonal pruning of hedges and trees
> Spray programmes

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